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young elms bent overA living handrail beside the steps in my own garden: I'm making it by cutting halfway through the wee trees and folding them over: hoping to have it finished before i'm doddery enough to need it.






Two colours of flowers on one tree




This fancy pink flowering-cherry had been grafted on to roots of plain wild cherry....but both had grown, the plain white one is crowding-out the fancy one cos it's more vigorous. I would recommend gradually pruning back the plain white one to let the fancy one thrive.







A daunting job

Hedgelaying in 1992 (click this link)

Hedgelaying for the Hydro-Electric (click this link, too)

Repairing a Landslide (click this link)


Coming Soon!!! More photos of hedges in Aberdeenshire and the Highlands. In the meantime, here's a link to the best source of info about the old craft of Hedgelaying.......

Paul Blissen's Hedgelaying website

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