Garden dominated by shade from a big tree

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End of April 2009.

It's a nice garden, but the big table at the back door of the house, is shaded by the tree in mid-morning just when you'd like to be drinking coffee there. The kids use the tree-house so felling definitely isn't an option. There's a caravan permanently sited under the tree, so dropping even one big branch might make a hole in its roof.

lots of shade but the tree is niceClick for a full-size picturecaravan mustn't get damaged

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Early May 2009. Same time of day

The tree looks a bit shell-shocked but the twig that's left on the end of each stump should help it to recover quickly to look like a proper tree again. The table is in full sun!!

The caravan that was parked under the tree was undamaged, but it meant that the job took longer cos every branch had to be lowered on a rope instead of chucking them down

less shade, the tree is still climbable for the kids Click for a full-size picture

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